A local business client who wanted an elevated base for a carved granite washbowl commissioned this steel table. The table fits snugly in a corner space and is supported in the back by brackets attached to the wall and in front by three legs, which are angled to match the slope of the side wall. The entire assembly was coated with a durable polished finish. Working with the client, I fashioned this design. Then I fabricated it in the shop, applied the finish and installed it at the site. The result is a table that holds the granite basin with strength and beauty. I enjoy creating works for people that not only challenge my ability, but also match the complex ideas they have envisioned.

custom table corner custom table front view custom table view without bowl

Recently I dismantled my wife's broken baby grand piano, which was beyond repair and transformed some of the components into a one of a kind computer platform.

Recent Creations:

custom metal wall hanging custom rings sculpture
Bose speaker stand steel wire art sculpture custom wire candle holder
custom coffee table

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