The idea to make twirls developed when my lovely wife asked if I could make spiraling wire forms that she could use to support tomato, cucumber and bean plants in her garden. As I looked at the short and flimsy plant supports found at most garden shops, I noticed the supports were cone shaped but rather small in diameter, prohibiting the plant from bushing out and growing abundantly.

In my work I express my fascination with the "golden ratio" or "divine proportion" in art, architecture, music and mathematics, which datesback 2,400 years. The golden ratio is a dimensional relationship observed in natural growth and plays a role in the human perception of beauty. This ratio guided me in designing a simple yet elegant spiraling plant support that will establish a system of harmony, proportion and year-round beauty in your garden.

Twirls are an excellent way to elegantly support plants, such as tomatoes, snap peas,
cucumbers, corn, green beans and flowers that benefit from vertical growth.

I make three sizes of twirls. Tall twirls are graceful at a height of six feet tall and are particularly sturdy.
Medium twirls are almost four feet high and can even be carried on commuter buses.
Low twirls are about two feet off the ground for lower growing herbs and perennial flowers.

Tall and medium twirls spiral upwards with three supporting legs allowing plants to spread out and support more foliage and fruit. Low twirls (photo on right above) have one supporting leg.

I also make a custom twirl plant support (center above). Let me know if you are interested in twirls for your garden. I would be glad to help you prepare for the upcoming season.